Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So what do we think? The Neil Gaiman interview

Author Neil Gaiman’s Dark World: CBS interview available at;contentBody .

Wondering who is the mind behind the books Coraline and The Graveyard Book? Get a peek into the mind of Neil Gaiman. Joking about his serial-killer doll and acknowledging he sees the joy of the monsters and ghost fiction is in “the miraculous”, we can better understand how his fascination for the dark side of the supernatural world flavors and guides his writing.

As an example, in the book and movie Coraline, the character ends up in a world on “the other side”. She doesn’t choose to go back to her family because of love for the family. Rather, it is a self-serving choice in which she prefers her dysfunctional life over that presented in the world “on the other side”. It has been praised as being kiddie pre-Goth.

In contrast, continues to uncover books that nurture the soul rather than test it. Unlike other book reviewers who promote all new releases and top sellers, we highlight those plus lesser-known authors whose plots present choices of right over wrong and whose characters (while not perfect) can think selflessly of others. We encourage families to talk about all potential books and together choose which to read.

We support parents and teachers who select books that demonstrate the behaviour they wish to see in their students and children. As author Linda Sue Parker recently stated "Reading is the safest way to practice your life".

So what do YOU think?

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