Sunday, March 14, 2010

Honorable mention: Big Daddy's Dream

  Big Daddy’s Dream

Dorham, Sylvia. (2007) Big Daddy’s Dream. USA: Trafford Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-4251-3337-5. Recommended ages 8 and younger.See

Publisher’s description: Based on a true story, Big Daddy follows his dream to build a city. In a cabbage patch in what is now Daly City, California, he sees the setting for his dream. Big Daddy's Dream follows him through a forty-year career as his dream leads him to build not only a city, but a multi-cultural family and community. When he shares his story with his children and grandchildren, he inspires a whole new generation of dreamers. Vividly illustrated, "Big Daddy's Dream" will inspire your children and students to build their own dreams. (Trafford Publishing)

Our thoughts:

Coming from a long line of carpenters, this book brought tears to my eyes. It has an important message to children that they CAN achieve their dreams. But underlying that message is the realization of the cumulative effect of a lifetime of work. There is also a message of humility, as Big Daddy did not seek fame nor fortune; rather, to quietly help others. The book’s multigenerational theme ties the youngest child to the heritage of his elders. It is a touching store that will inspire young children that no dream is impossible. Enjoy it!

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