Saturday, May 1, 2010


After a lot of work and a short delay, our new website is unveiled! Please stop in for a look at . After looking around in our “reading room” a bit, click anywhere to enter, and you will find...

* book reviews for ages 9-18. We are the only reviewer of children’s books to use a criteria based upon accepted definitions of good character. Reading books whose main characters learn from their mistakes and demonstrate good choices assist in forming the same in the mind of the child. Such books support character education and citizenship initiatives in your school, and family values in your home. They can be useful tools in discussion groups too. As you compile your summer reading list for your children or students, encourage the child towards these books. Although we review books that often do not meet our criteria (and so have not been posted on our website), we do have several reviews for great books in each age group to upload in the near future. So please keep checking for new reviews!

* Don’t forget our blog which has companion commentary for each book review: . Give us your thoughts about these books or ask questions too!

* The parents and teachers corner has extensive activities for many of the books we have reviewed. Even if you do not plan to read the book, check out the activities as the websites may be of interest for either personal or classroom use.

* Over 400 items in our bookstore have been hand selected with extra information given when helpful. We keep in mind how these books can be used: family book clubs, friends reading marathons, and as tools for connecting all subjects in the classroom/homeschool curriculum. For example, our Laura Ingalls Wilder store has versions of her books for all age groups, including biographies for each reading level, and a cookbook. This can be particularly useful for families reading together or homeschooling, allowing all members of the family to read versions of the books appropriate for their age and ability.

* Our bookstore also includes a teaching and homeschooling area housing books and materials to complement the subjects typically taught across early grades through high school.

* Sign up to receive a regular email of new reviews, additions to the store, great resources and other news! intends to be as family friendly as possible for all ages of viewers. You will note the absence of obnoxious (and sometimes inappropriate) advertising. So feel free to have your children or students roam the site on their own! Please also feel free to email us with suggestions, particularly good books, at .

Our mission is to illuminate wonderful books that demonstrate to children the best of humanity for a greater purpose of developing good citizens who will lead our future. Would you please assist us in this purpose by forwarding this information to all of your Facebook friends? Don’t stop there...share it with friends, family, teachers, principles, librarians, doctors and neighbors too. And if they do not have kids or students, they likely know someone who does!

Thanks again for your support,

Debra Black

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~Ann Frank

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  1. Wow- This sounds like such a good idea! My sister-in-law is a home school mom and I'm going to pass the litland link along to her right after I go check it out myself :)


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